Baby Needs

So, while we don’t -need- much in the way of clothing, it would be -nice- to round out this baby’s wardrobe with some things I found useful last time and only have a few of:

All sizes:

– Button or snap-front cardigans
– Pull on elastic-waist leggings/pants
– Plain white sturdy cotton onesies – short and long-sleeved.

– Newborn/Baby socks with cuffs

I’m eyeing fondly these days ‘cos their colors -rock-. They have olive green and a nice rich yellow and so many other gorgeous shades you don’t usually see on the racks at baby stores!


– A nicely sized piddle pad to go in our bed/the co-sleeper to prevent leaks on the sheets.

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  1. Veronica

    Basic Brilliance has some beautiful stuff, I agree. They had a lot more vibrant colors last year, but this year there are still some pretty ones. I might send my mom an email and ask her if she’ll pick me up two or three things even if they are on the expensive side.

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