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Monday, 2nd May, 2005


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Pip must be going into growth spurt mode. I’m starting to really feel my appetite kick into gear. I bought snacks last week – yogurt and jello and rice cakes and fruit. I forgot to bring peanut butter in though for protein.

Today so far: 1 bowl of Cheerios with strawberries n’ milk. 1 banana, 1 strawberry yogurt, 3 rice cakes.

Still hungry.

Where’s the chocolate?


Tuesday, 26th April, 2005

Prenatal Visit – 25 Weeks

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Had another appointment today with the new doctor in the practice. At this point, I don’t feel like I need to see any of the others. I’ve no desire to see the doc who actually delivered Vic and I’m not sure if the CNM on staff does regular OB visits.

Everything is just fine, is the upshot. I talked to her about all the B-H and she encouraged me to try harder to drink more water. I’m giving it my best shot. I usually manage to get in at least the 64 ounces, plus other beverages. But I’ve been de-hydrated and I know it and that’s likely where all of the extreme B-H are coming from.

Weight: 242, just 1lb gained
Fundal height: 25cm
Heartbeat: 130-140
BP: 120/78
Urine: normal

Pip was pretty quiet this morning and hanging out down low. Doc tried to find him/her up higher first and I told her that I’m carrying low and sure enough, low and down on the right was the Pipling.
I continut to feel most of the bumping ‘down yonder’ with fleeting kicks to my stomach. I can feel the hard curve of a head down low sometimes.

Once I ate, Pip perked up and got back on the normal schedule of letting me know she/he is around after meals.

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