Dear Julien … Letters to my second son.

Thursday, 8th June, 2006

10 Month Portrait

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2006_0603_julien 002

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Cruising is one of Jule’s favorite things to do now. Here he is midway through a round of the furniture in the living room. I’m trying to stay on top of the mess (with mixed results) so he has room to maneuver without pulling half a ton of junk down on his head.

Friday, 12th May, 2006

Fruit Plate at Left Bank

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Fruit Plate at Left Bank

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Mr. Jules is eating more and more solids these days. Here he is enjoying some fruit at a local restaurant. He was doing really well with self-feeding. I barely need to wield a spoon with him at all anymore.

Also note his attire – we’ve broken out the Berkeley togs. He’s grown into Vic’s Berkeley Baby outfit.

Wednesday, 3rd May, 2006

Cruisin’ on a Tuesday Evening

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Cruisin’ on a Tuesday Evening

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Julien figured out how to pull up fully yesterday and decided he’d toss some cruising in for good measure and tried to to take his first step while he was at it too.

He didn’t quite make it, though you could see from the expression on his face that he had determination aplenty and he was quite surprised when his little legs weren’t ready to hold him.

Still, he took my hand and stepped away from that chair, wobbled for a second, then stumbled into my lap and gave me a big hug.

Saturday, 1st April, 2006

Julien and The Croissant

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Julien and The Croissant

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Sabs went over to the bakery and picked up breakfast for us this morning: a box of different kinds of croissants.

I turned my back for a second only to discover that Julien had crawled over to the box, snagged a croissant and was happily and proudly trying to eat it.

He seemed to be having a grand old time, even though he couldn’t really bite into the treat and technically he shouldn’t be having something so loaded with butter for another four months.

However, I didn’t have the heart to take it away until he’d had his fill of fun with it and I managed to get a bunch of cute shots of him with crumbs all over his face and this big pastry clutched in his tiny little hand.

Sunday, 16th October, 2005

Julien, Hanging Out This Morning

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2005_1016_julien 003

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Here’s Mr. Jules hanging out all chill in his baby chair, taking in the sights.

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