Dear Julien … Letters to my second son.

Tuesday, 18th January, 2005

More Barfing

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That’s right, it’s still going on, though it’s much further and farther between. This morning was spent dry-heaving over the sink. There wasn’t even any liquid in there to come up. Oh it was gross what did and I was shaking and so weak afterward. *sigh* Serves me right for not eating protein snack before bed.

I’m starting to firm up a little in the abdomen and I’ve got two bumps going on: the jelly roll and the beginnings of baby bump up top. It’s way, way subtle though.

All clothes still fit and in fact, fit better than before due to continuing weight loss.

Last home weigh-in: 225lbs.
That’s a total of 15 lost since I conceived.

Why oh why can’t my metabolism pick up like this when I’m NOT pregnant?

Feeling what seem similar to baby flutters from last time, but my brain is saying No WAY. Much too early.

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