Dear Julien … Letters to my second son.

Saturday, 14th January, 2006

I Wanna MOVE!

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Here’s a little video of Julien trying to crawl. He wants to be able to go-go-go all by himself so badly.
His frustration increases with each failure to acheive motion, grunting and squealing and then finally crying.

He’s getting there though, today, I was so sure he was finally going to take off. He had a full, on-all-fours position going on and his feet were digging in properly behind him, but he couldn’t quite hold his mid-section firm while pushing with his legs.

So we do not have take-off yet.

Julien Tries To Crawl

5 Months

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Dear Julien,

Another month and more milestones to report.

You rolled over for the first time on Christmas Eve and have been repeating the trick more and more often since you figured it out. You don’t do it all the time though – like your big brother, it’s not something you’re really into. You’re concentrating more on trying to crawl, something that seems to occupy the bulk of your “tummy time”.

You’ve added more consonants to your verbalizations, making sounds that are beginning to sound suspiciously like “mamamama” and “babababa” and so on. It looks like you’re starting to pick up the sign for milk, you recognize it at least, your eyes light up like crazy when I make it and you start bouncing up and down wildly and reaching for me.

We got out the doorway jumper just after the holidays and put it up on the one door that has a molding that can hold it up downstairs. Every time we’ve put you in there, you’ve loved it, making your daddy grouse about the lack of moldings on the other doorways so that he can’t put you right across from where he uses the computer!

You’re sitting up better and better, able to sit for nearly half a minute all on your own, though you still do a slow, gentle keel over onto the floor eventually. If I prop you up, you do quite well though and you’re very happy in the booster we put on a chair for you too.

Your tongue reflex is still pretty strong, so we’re still holding off on giving you solid foods, though you are starting to show increasing interest in our plates and cups and what’s on them. You’ve also discovered the keyboard and you keep trying to type too, while I’m typing. It’s very cute, your tiny fingers reaching for the keys, though it can be frustrating sometimes when you wipe out everything I’ve just written!

We don’t have new stats for you yet, though I’m pretty sure you’re past the 27 inch mark and hovering around 18lbs. We’ll find out next week at your next well-baby visit. Our visits keep getting scheduled at odd points, so that I can’t say that they’re really a 4 or a 6 month visit. This visit will be your 5 months and 15 days visit. Heh.

You’re slowly starting to consolidate your naps into two, two hour blocks with a trailing evening nap of about an hour. You’re sleeping a bit better at night, probably a break in teething there and you’re starting to get a little bit pickier about how you fall asleep. We’re getting you a new crib, a full-sized one, as soon as we get our act together, so that you’ll have somewhere sturdy and safe to sleep. The portacrib is just too rickety and unstable, especially now that you’re rolling and trying to crawl.

Your temperament continues to be sunny and easy-going. You’re a delight to all of us and to your care providers who just love your sweet smile and eager chuckles. No one loves you more than your big brother though, who lavishes affection on you as if it were going out of style. His hugs are a little too much for you sometimes, still, but it’s so wonderful to see the two of you curled up together peacably, or sharing a toy, more and more often.


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