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Thursday, 28th April, 2005

Bad Afternoon

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I am so tired and running a very low-grade fever right now – about 99. I think I’m just tired out and somewhat de-hydrated. I threw up this morning (gag reflex triggered by excess mucus in the back of my throat) and it just, left my stomach off for the rest of the day.

On the way home, I started feeling sickish on BART – my lunch wasn’t sitting well and I kept getting super-tight Braxton-Hicks. Walking home from Vic’s daycare was … torture.

I came home, wheeled a screaming Vic in his stroller still into the bedroom and basically collapsed onto the bed and stayed on it in froggy position for a half hour. Vic screamed the whole time, but I just didn’t have the energy to do anything about.

Eventually I was able to get up, cuddle him on the couch and get him to calm down with some cartoons. I’ve put on movie after movie tonight, just give myself some breathing space to relax.

There has been much water ingestion and the B-H have eased up somewhat, though they haven’t stopped entirely. Unfortunately, I can’t really lie down because Vic is very awake and I don’t trust him alone out here, so I have to stay awake.

My stomach is still funny, though some of the pressure has released thanks to … nature doing its thing.

I’m hoping that another glass of water and a good night’s sleep will do the trick, otherwise I’m staying home tomorrow. I don’t care how much stuff is on my calendar.

On the up side, Pip is kicking nicely in there still, so no worries about the baby itself. Just mama.

And for those who might worry – no swelling, no headache, no spots in front of the eyes, or any other associated symptoms other than feeling slightly off, and very tired and achey, that might point to something more serious.

Tuesday, 26th April, 2005

Prenatal Visit – 25 Weeks

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Had another appointment today with the new doctor in the practice. At this point, I don’t feel like I need to see any of the others. I’ve no desire to see the doc who actually delivered Vic and I’m not sure if the CNM on staff does regular OB visits.

Everything is just fine, is the upshot. I talked to her about all the B-H and she encouraged me to try harder to drink more water. I’m giving it my best shot. I usually manage to get in at least the 64 ounces, plus other beverages. But I’ve been de-hydrated and I know it and that’s likely where all of the extreme B-H are coming from.

Weight: 242, just 1lb gained
Fundal height: 25cm
Heartbeat: 130-140
BP: 120/78
Urine: normal

Pip was pretty quiet this morning and hanging out down low. Doc tried to find him/her up higher first and I told her that I’m carrying low and sure enough, low and down on the right was the Pipling.
I continut to feel most of the bumping ‘down yonder’ with fleeting kicks to my stomach. I can feel the hard curve of a head down low sometimes.

Once I ate, Pip perked up and got back on the normal schedule of letting me know she/he is around after meals.

Saturday, 23rd April, 2005


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The Braxton-Hicks have been a lot worse with this pregnancy than with the last. They started sooner, they started stronger and they don’t only show up when I exert myself, they show up at random.

This week has been a doozy where the B-Hs are concerned. Yesterday I moved from the cube I’ve lived in at work for about a year, back to where I started, ironically enough, though one cube over. I moved files, though not any heavy boxes and it sent my abdomen into a tizzy. The B-H just wouldn’t stop and my abdomen stayed tight throughout the afternoon even after I got home.

Some pelvic rocking helped to ease them off finally, along with far more water than anyone should drink in a half hour.

Same story today – I keep getting B-H when sitting down and lying down doesn’t always resolve them alone, have to drink and drink and drink and rock. I took Vic out for a walk/bike ride earlier and he was being very cranky about keeping his bike helmet on. I wouldn’t let him ride without it because he’s careened into walls around the complex before and he kept saying it hurt his ears.

So eventually, I said that’s it no more bike, and asked if he wanted to ride on my back instead. Amusingly enough he was very eager to get up there in the baby carrier and we walked around to 7-11 (leaving his bike at the back of our parking space) and picked up some treats and then he wanted to keep walking. I didn’t want to leave his bike out in the garage for that long, so I walked back, despite his screaming to bring his bike upstairs. He didn’t stop screaming until he realized we were going back out again to walk.

After that though, he wouldn’t let me stop at all. I sat down on a bench briefly to catch my breath and “No, no, no sit!” came from behind me, so I didn’t stay long before moving on. After about a half hour, Mr. Persnickety fell asleep and I walked home, slung him off my back onto the couch and promptly collapsed into a chair to drink and drink and drink and put my feet up. The B-H I got from all that walking slowly unraveled.

In the back of my mind, there’s a whisper that says: expect this labor to be fast again. I keep trying to remind myself that every labor is different, every labor is unique. And yet, my body seems so very eager to get ready, just like last time, only even moreso.

In the meantime, Pip continues his/her regularity, with continuing increased strength in kicking. I swear there’s been another growth spurt, even though I’ve actually lost weight (not eating right, right now). I can really feel feet up under my ribs now, happy testament to baby growing well despite my issues with food (minor aversions) and fatigue that prevent me from cooking the way I ought to. I re-read an entry from my pregnancy journal with Vic in which I’d posted a sample diet for a day. I’m trying to re-commit to that style of eating and have had Sabs get some things at the grocery today that will help facilitate that.

Spinach and eggs, here we come.

Wednesday, 13th April, 2005

Tummy Tango

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Just as I was getting used to Pip being a lot quieter than Vic, Pip decided to prove me wrong on that point by kicking me quite a lot yesterday.

I’d only been feeling things down low up until then – down very low. I’m guessing there was a growth spurt involved and those little feet can now reach some of the upper reaches of my innards.

Thud, pow, was pretty much a theme off and on all day yesterday. Not so much today though.

I am also extremely amused that more than one person at work has -still- not figured out I’m pregnant. I’m in my 6th month of pregnancy at this point and it’s still not noticeable to some people. I was looking at my reflection in the elevator doors earlier and realized that from the front, this is true – I don’t look much different from how I usually look. I have to turn to the side, and even then, it’s sort of debatable about whether or not it’s more of a pregnant look or a ‘gained a few pounds’ look.

Just like with Vic, I have a baby belly that is firm and round and high up and the jelly roll is still hanging out below. It makes it look like I’m carrying really low. But I can fold all that up and then my belly just looks like a pretty normally centered basket-ball shape.

Wednesday, 6th April, 2005

Pain & Showing

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Last night on my way home from work, I had this really odd pain that started in my hip and back and spread down my left hip and curled around my abdomen.

For a panicky moment, I was thinking “pre-term labor” but in the end, I think I just over-stretched a ligmanet, had a Braxton-Hicks contraction and gas pain all at once and it just all stacked one on top of the other to make this weird pain that left me sitting on a bench at BART doing relaxation breathing, and turning to my right to ease the tightness in my side.

I was eventually able to get up and get on the train, but the pain persisted. It neither got worse, nor better, nor changed in any way for a good 15 minutes after I got on the train. Supporting my belly with my hands and leaning slightly forward and away from the tight muscle helped make it feel better though. Around Rockridge it slowly started to let go and left me with nothing but reminiscent twinges in my lower left hip. It felt like a charlie horse in my side basically, while it was going on and then it was just … gone leaving little plinking echoes behind. Like a charlie horse goes. At home I lay down in Bradley relaxation position with my abdomen propped up and that helped ease off the last of it at which point I took a long shower and then curled up on the couch and took it easy for the rest of the evening.

No sign of returning pain this morning beyond the usual aches and Pip did his/her usual set of “Hi Mom, I’m awake” kicks/hiccups while I was getting ready for work.

I’m going to double my water intake today though and re-commit to doing pelvic rocking in the evening, because clearly I am not being good enough to the ligaments and muscles in that region and they’re overtaxed.

In more upbeat news, I really am showing – the ladies who check me out at various snack stands around the area are noticing. This morning the lady downstairs let me have my smoothie without paying for it. I thought I had $6 on me but only had $2 but she waved me off when I went to put the juice back in the fridge. “You’re pregnant. Take it. Don’t worry about it.”

There are some really nice people in my life.

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