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Sunday, 24th July, 2005

Still Here

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All contractions died down completely after 8pm last night and didn’t recur except for one incident in the dead of night that woke me up and didn’t repeat after a trip to the bathroom and many minutes spent staring blearily up at the ceiling.

Pip’s been very quiet this morning though. There was some light kicking first thing this morning at the usual time, but otherwise not much in the way of movement.

We’ll see what today brings.

If I wind up having two weeks of prodromal labor I might get really pissy. Though in the end, smooth, easy labor and healthy baby would be worth it.

Saturday, 23rd July, 2005

No Dice

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Well unless Pip pulls a Vic on me … nope, no dice. Last crampy-contraction type thingie was at 6:50 pm. It lasted for 90 seconds and petered out and I haven’t had any more.

Thinking back on the day I had Vic though, all that afternoon I had tons of what I thought were Braxton-Hicks off and on, tightening across the top of my abdomen that then combined with a ‘pulling up’ feeling later in the afternoon. That was the whole time we were at the park. We went home and had dinner and I watched a bunch of TV and fell asleep and had no activity for several hours. I woke up just before midnight and my water broke and promptly went into active labor within a half hour.

So it might still happen, but right now it’s looking like not. I’m glad I took the opportunity to rest though – mild as those contractions were, they were tiring.

Early Labor? Prodromal Labor?

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Since 2:15pm this afternoon, I’ve been having … mild cramping that wraps around to my back briefly, roughly every half hour. There’s been no change in that pattern for 3 hours. No increase in strength of the cramps, no change in length, no shortening of the time between them. But they also haven’t stopped, which is what has happened every time I’ve had contractions during this pregnancy. They’re also what I’d call extremely mild, barely more noticeable than my mildest menstrual cramp.

I’m chilling out at home, lying on the couch on my side mostly, and getting up to walk around in between cramping episodes. I’m drinking plenty of fluids and eating light, just in case. I’m trying not to push it because ye gods it’s hot out. 105 right now, so I’m not leaving the blessed downstairs AC room unless Vic agrees to go to the pool. He was talking about swimming earlier, but wanted to go with his Dad and has refused to go with me.

If the cramps start to get closer together or increase in strength, I’m calling Sabs and heading to the hospital.

I wonder if this is how it went with Vic too … and I just didn’t feel it as much because I wasn’t as in tune with my body and because Sabs and I spent that afternoon in such relaxed circumstances, at the park, picnicking and talking and being all happy couple together.

We’ll see. We could be in for a busy night.

Friday, 22nd July, 2005

Prenatal Follow-up

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I’ve been spotting all day since the internal. It smarted quite a bit when Dr. F. was doing the check – the pressure has been making everything down there really, really sore and sensitive. I’ve also been cramping intermittently and have an almost constant backache.

I don’t think we’re looking at labor yet, but the check certainly stirred things up a bit. I’d expected a small amount of spotting just after the appt. but it’s been going on all day since then, and now still. Hmmm.

The baby’s nice and active though and Vic got very very quiet right before he arrived, so I’m thinking there’s some time yet.

Prenatal – 37 Weeks 3 days

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Well, I’ve hit the same weight that I hit right before I had Vic.
I’ve effaced ‘a bit’ more and started to dilate. Dr. F. said just about 1cm dilated.
Given my history and progress, she thinks that I will either go a little early or hit my due date right on the smacker, but she doesn’t think I’ll go over due.

Stats for this week:

BP: 122/70
Fundal Height: 38.5cm
Weight: 260.5
Urine: Normal
Baby’s Heartbeat: 130s

S’all good and the stars are lining up basically 🙂

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