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Wednesday, 2nd March, 2005

17 weeks

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Appointment this morning happened a little late – partly our fault for not getting up and out the door on time, partly delays at the doctor’s office.

Doc was very happy I had my thyroid numbers with me and urged me to get my other prenatal labs done as soon as possible. I’m hoping that will happen this week – there’s a lab about 15 minutes away from work by bus, so I may be able to do it over lunch hour.

Today’s results:

BP: normal
Weight: 234lbs (up 3 from last month)
Urine: normal

And the baby is down low, with a nice strong, steady heartbeat. It might just be me but this one seems slower than Vic’s was. Vic was a very, very active baby and his heart just galloped away in there. The doctors had to chase him all over my abdomen too.

While I continue to feel flutters of activity, so far this baby seems to be staying put a bit more.

Dare I hope for a mellower personality? 😉

I scheduled our routine ultrasound this morning. It will be on Friday, March 18th at 8:15am, so I should have pretty pictures for y’all not long after that.

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