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Friday, 27th May, 2005

Bye Bye Pants

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Yep, yep, definitely out of my tailored pants. I squeezed into them this morning because I spilled on my stretchy black ones yesterday and I couldn’t find another pair of stretchy ones quickly. But yeah, had to suck in a little and pull on the back elastic to get them around.

Buh-bye non-stretchy pants! See you in a couple of months!

Pip definitely seems to be getting into growth spurt mode. It was like this with Vic too, right at the end, every other week, pop, pop, pop, would go my belly, a little bigger as he got bigger and packed on fat for delivery.

They’re exhausting weeks though, that make me fall asleep on BART, or just even randomly when on my feet walking around the office. The first trimester is demanding as the body builds up to getting ready and dealing with the hormone dump. The third trimester is demanding just because of all the effort it puts into getting the baby ready to come out. It saps a lot of strength and rest, fluids and good nutrition, which are always important, are really important for me not to neglect.

I’ve had my smoothie this morning, and my vitamins and I’m contemplating a nice big breakfast.

Yesterday I treated myself to a hot fudge sundae after lunch. There’s just something about a plain old fashioned fudge sundae that’s just really hitting the spot this time around. With Victor I wanted chocolate ice cream every night. Pip, prefers strawberry and vanilla. Ice cream is just one of those foods though, that seems to go down easiest during pregnancy, for me. It’s easy to eat, doesn’t upset my stomach, and while it’s heavy in fat and sugar, it’s calcium rich and if I go with the strawberry has other vitamins and minerals as well.

If I’m having trouble eating, I can usually have some ice cream and will at least have eaten something, even if it’s not the healthiest thing in the world. I refuse to feel guilty about the amount of ice cream I eat while pregnant. It’s good stuff, yo. 🙂

Tuesday, 24th May, 2005

29 Week Prenatal

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All sorts of good things first:

1) I passed the GTT. With flying colors. Blood sugar was even lower than last time. 109 then, 91 this time. Well below the 139.

2) Thyroid – also good, 1.481 – well within range, and even on the good side, since the lower numbers indicate good metabolic function. This, me hearties, is why I lose weight and feel so good when pregnant, once the morning sickness has gone buh-bye.

3) Weight gain is good – 6lbs up from last time.

4) BP normal.

5) Fundal height normal.

6) Cervix – long, thick n’ closed.

We saw the new CNM in the practice today and wow. What a difference a CNM makes! She actually talked with me about our sleep issues with Victor and stressed the importance of a routine for me. She also told me that I really shouldn’t be picking him up that much anymore and that when I do, I should squat to lift him. It may sound like she was lecturing a lot, but what she did was ask a lot of questions about our overall family dynamic, how my workstation at work is set up, and so on and so forth. Basically getting y’know, a more complete picture of me as a patient.

She asked about contractions and I described my B-Hs, and made the connection between lifting Victor so much and bringing on spates of B-H and that’s why she checked my cervix, just to be sure too. Imagine that. Someone responsive to the conditions I’m talking about! She didn’t just dismiss it all as “Oh B-H are routine and normal especially in a second pregnancy.” No. She took me seriously and made sure everything was okay.

My BP was a little up at first too, in fact, and she had me rest a little after doing all the other exam foo and came back to check it later. I’d rushed down the hall to give my pee pee sample and was flustered about some other things. It came back normal after I’d had a chance to calm down.

We also had a mild scare from the scales. I was in a different room than usual, and BOTH of the scales weighed me at 226 instead of somewhere in the 240s. Visions of poor fetal growth flashed through my head, and I was envisioning an emergency ultrasound to check on Pip’s size. But the CNM, just calmly took me next door to use the scale I usually use, and sure enough, that one had me at 248. I’d just eaten a big ole lunch, so it was probably a little higher than usual, since I usually take morning appts before I’ve had breakfast.

Basically, everything is fine, I enjoyed talking to the CNM and I’m so pleased I don’t need additional bloodwork. The only thing I wasn’t so keen on, was the mild cramping and tiny amount of spotting from the internal. I really hate internal checks.

29 Weeks – Pop Again

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So over the weekend I popped again. This time from just ‘showing’ to ‘hello basketball’ at least it looks that way from the top. Very definitely pregnant-looking now and my shirts are starting to protest, though not too badly. They’re just slowly inching up along my belly, instead of falling mostly to my hips now and they’re more form-fitting than they were. All of my button-downs are now out of the question and my tailored pants are done. I need stuff with stretch from now until delivery!

Thankfully, that describes most of my summer clothing so it’s not an issue. Once again, no need to shop Maternity, though I may pick up some shirts that are a size up, just in case I suddenly start showing off my midriff in the next few weeks by accident.

29 weeks today – and it seems like last week just zoomed right on by. We’ve got our next prenatal visit later on today – I’ll have more news on that after we get home.

Other than popping out, not much has changed except for my fatigue level. Just like last time, I’m starting to tire out much more quickly as the third trimester progresses. I fell asleep on the couch while Sabs was cooking dinner last night and Vic couldn’t wake me up. I slept for just under an hour I think, and then a full 8 hours through the night, mostly (barring a Vic wake-up for his drink excruciatingly early this morning) and I was wiped out when I got up this morning. Bleary and out of it.

Pip continues to be very, very regular. I say this on every update and it’s just not changing. The only thing that changes, in a good way, is the strength of his/her movements. They’re more and more noticeable, and much more intense, largely vertical in axis, though there’s occasional drift from side to side. My belly is starting to poke out when the little one moves/kicks, though Sabs says he still can’t feel it all from the outside. I can feel it both from the inside and in my hand when I rest it over little feet and hands.

And … still carrying, low, low, low, with lots of pressure down below, frequent and strong Braxton-Hicks and increasingly annoying backache from the strain of having so much basically hanging off so far down.

Got my fingers crossed that I passed the 1-hour GTT and everything will continue to be routine from here on out. There’s still my lovely favorite to look forward to: the Group B Strep test. Blech, blech, blech. Hopefully it won’t be as bad as it was last time. It’s not supposed to hurt at all, after all.

Wednesday, 18th May, 2005

28 Weeks

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Well here we are, third trimester officially started yesterday. Another 11 weeks to cruise through and then we’re there.

Pip has obliged with stronger kicks over the past few days – still on a schedule of sorts, regular intervals. Last night my abdomen shifted over to the right for the first time, very noticeable to me, though probably not so much from the outside.

Pip’s activity is starting to be intense enough that it takes my breath away if a well-placed foot gets me in the gut, or the baby rolls over and shifts everything around. This sort of movement is incredibly reassuring to me, evidence of a healthy, evolving little being in there. Since this baby has been so much quieter than his/her older sibling, the marked increase in the strength of the activity is a wonderful indicator to me.

From here on out I expect to suddenly start packing on pounds over the course of the next few weeks and am trying to pay very close attention to my caloric intake to keep up with Pip’s growing needs as well as supporting my own metabolic function.

Our next office visit isn’t until next week, at 29 weeks on the button. That will probably be a fairly standard visit and I should get the results of the GTT and thyroid level tests I took yesterday. I’ll be seeing my primary OB on that visit for the first time in months – it’ll be good to catch up with her. I think I’ll bring our birth preferences to that office visit as a matter of fact, get that on file ASAP so that they’re all aware of my prior history and potential needs for a second, rapid labor.

After this visit, we go every two weeks through the month of June, I think, and then starting in early July, every week until Pip’s Birth Day!

Tuesday, 10th May, 2005

27 Weeks

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Here we go, this time next week, I’ll be fully into the third trimester. It’s kind of unreal. I look down and I feel so small. I’ve only gained a few pounds, am still in the same weight range as when this pregnancy began and just … not showing that much, comparatively speaking. I show enough that most clueful people know I’m pregnant, but a lot of people can probably still write off my baby bump as “fat”.

I know Pip is fine and healthy because I can feel him/her rolling over, hiccuping and kicking regularly, but it’s still kind of disconcerting to be this small, to be wearing my normal clothes and in no danger of growing out of them.

Of course, this week also starts the push for fat from the baby – I started to feel the real hunger last week and that’s continuing, Pip wants food, because Pip is starting the series of spurts that will get him/her ready for birth.

All in all, I’m just grateful that I do seem to have a tendency to have healthy pregnancies once the damn morning sickness calls it quits. Despite fatigue, which is related to Vic-care and lack of Vic-sleep, I feel pretty darn good actually. I upped my water intake and the B-H have dialed it down a level, though I still have them, they’re just not quite as ferociously intense. I’m having intermittent round ligament pain and need to be careful when rolling over in bed. But otherwise, I feel fine and have no swelling/water retention, or chronic aches and pains.

In fact, my only complaints are continued booby-soreness and itchy/super-sensitive skin. Things could be so very much worse, that I should just stop worrying, keep taking care of myself and just enjoy this, because it’s almost 95% certain that this is the last time I will go through pregnancy.

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