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Monday, 11th July, 2005

Buh-Bye Plug!

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Okay so it’s not the whole thing yet, but part of it just went. I will be totally unsurprised if they find the beginnings of dilation at my next appointment on Wednesday.

This is just like with Victor – 3 weeks out I began to dilate gradually, just a little bit, 6 days before delivery I was almost at 3cm. I can feel the twinges, so I know there’s mild stuff going on – it’s probably why I’ve been so tired and crampy and sometimes nauseated for the past few days. Ye olde body is getting ready. Hopefully this means that everything is lining up to be right on time, maybe even just a titch early.

We’re well into the safety zone now, so if things happen a little early, it’ll all be fine. I’m told next Thursday is a full moon, that’s also the cusp of the zodiac sign change, so if you put any stock into full moons and so on inciting labor, keep an eye out for an earlyish entrance by Pip then which would squeak him/her into the Crab sign instead of the Lion.

Wednesday, 6th July, 2005

35 Weeks

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I was officially at 35 weeks yesterday, but I had my prenatal visit today. We saw Dr. G. today, who delivered Vic 3 years ago and boy was he ever flustered. I think he was fresh off of a delivery or something and had a huge backup of patients. At any rate, he nearly forgot to do my Group B test. I had to remind him. It was kinda funny, except that Vic freaked about having to be taken out while I got the swab taken.

Thankfully, this time around for whatever reasons – better hydration, no falling down the stairs at 32 weeks, it didn’t hurt at all. Didn’t even feel it. No spotting, no stinging, hurray.

Dr. G. was -very- definite about baby being head down and I was looking at myself sideways yesterday and this morning and realized that yes, indeed, the baby has dropped too.

It’s kinda freaky actually, to know where Dr. G was feeling the head, and realize how far up the butt is into my ribs. This kiddo is doing very well and should be ready, either a bit early or right on time I think. Heartbeat sounded good – down about 2 inches beneath my belly button on the left.

Everything else was right on track/normal. BP fine, ankles not too swollen, another 2lbs gained for 254lbs total.

Now we just wait for the GBS results and I plan to talk to the Dr. at my next visit about alternatives to IV treatment given how fast my first labor was.

Basically – the baby and I are healthy as horses and doing just fine. It’s probably going to be a slow, uncomfy 3-4 weeks for me until Baby Day, but otherwise, everything’s peachy keen and I’m very grateful for that.

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