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Tuesday, 21st June, 2005

33 Weeks

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We had a very long wait for the appointment today. They must have gotten backed up with a lot of deliveries. It took nearly an hour for us to be seen, and since we had no burning questions, doc was understandably … swift.

At any rate, stats for this week:

Weight: 252.5
BP: 118/78
Fundal Height: 33.5 cm
Urine: Good
Baby’s Heartrate: 140s

Talked about the pelvic pain and pressure and the continuing, ferocious Braxton-Hicks. Doc suggested I get a maternity belt to help relieve the pressure some and to try to swim and stay off my feet as much as possible.

All eminently doable things.

Basically … everything is good 🙂 As I told the nurse, so far, so good, healthy uneventful pregnancy. Yay.

Oh yeah, and Doc is also pretty sure that Pip is head down, based on the position of the heartbeat.

I got a box from my online mom’s expecting group from my secret shower buddy and that was cool. And then the box of stuff I ordered arrived with a bunch of sleeveless onesies for Pip, given that the heat will probably be pretty bad this summer.

I set up the crib today – it still needs a new, higher mattress in order to be on level with ours, but there’s plenty of room for it next to my side of the bed, which is nice.

So basically, other than washing some clothes and picking up a dresser … we’re ready. Well okay, we still need to unpack a lot in the new place, but yeah, we’re in pretty good shape this time.

Now I’m going to go do some unpacking and then put my feet up and snooze until Vic gets home.

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