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Thursday, 27th January, 2005

1 Week, Barf Free & Braxton-Hicks

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Well I haven’t puked for a week so I’m going to take that as a sign of morning sickness slinking off into the night. I still have periodic queasiness throughout the day and need to have something carbonated to drink before meals to get my tummy to hush up enough to take food, but the consistent pukiness seems to have taken a hike.

It’s really not been as bad this time around. I’ll chalk it up to a combination of better knowledge of nutritional requirements during pregnancy and forgoing of the narsty horsepill prenatals.

On the theme of everything starting sooner this time, I had my first Braxton-Hicks this week. Off and on all day yesterday, primarily kicked off by walking briskly. First instance was when I walked up the street for lunch and lingered into the afternoon. Then had lots on the walk home from Vic’s school and well into the evening. Whole top of the uterus just going rock hard and staying that way. No pain of course, just difficulty breathing due to the pressure on my diaphragm. If anything it tells me that things will go much as they did last time though: my body likes to get ready for labor -well- in advance. Bearing in mind of course that every labor is unique.

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