We finally made it out to buy a tree, a little Frasier fir, about my height, just right for the kids to help decorate and just right to hold what ornaments we do have. Of course it’s not up yet, but that’s coming. And once it’s up, maybe the house will start to feel a little bit more like the holidays.

Right now the atmosphere is quiet, a little depressed and not at all Christmassy. I’m thinking it’s time I really tried to change that and bring some of the holiday magic into our home. So I will try to put the tree in the stand and I will buy bulbs for our candle lights and put the string of multi-colored lights up around the windows. When the kids get home, I’ll give them their stockings to hang on the decorative shelf that stands in for a fireplace and hopefully their faces will light up with the fun of it and it’ll start to feel a little like Christmas.

It’s the tree that usually does it for me, so bringing that pretty green tree with the blue silver under the needles up into its corner in the living room is a good idea. It’ll bring the scent of the holiday into the house at least and I can sit in my armchair after the kids are asleep with a cup of hot cocoa and the lights on the tree winking at me and let the peace of the season descend on me.

Holidailies 2007