Fly Safe

After five days of ‘radio silence’ other than a quick email to my parents to let them know he’d arrived safely in ‘the desert’, I heard from my little brother today on IM. He’s about 8 hours ahead of us and was checking in quickly before heading out ‘for work’. He’s on night shift, so I guess that means he’s flying missions at night, but for the most part he can’t really talk about what he’s doing, for obvious reasons.

Him> Hey big sis
Me> Hey little bro!
Him> How are you?
Me> (Long babbling stream of news about the kids, the weather, my job, etc.)
Me> How are you?
Him> Okay. Trying to get email to work. @&#*%
Me> Can I even ask you what you’re up to?
Him> You can ask. But if I tell you then I’d have to kill you. 😉
Me> Yeah. So, whatcha up to?
Him> I’m flying. A lot.
Me> Gotcha. How’s the desert.
Him> Dusty.
Him> Got to go.
Me> Fly safe.

It’s lunch time here in Berwyn, it’s cold and raining and disgusting outside, my kids are clamoring for lunch, but I’m thinking of the cold in the desert night instead and my little brother gearing up to fly out there somewhere, doing goodness knows what, goodness knows where.

Fly safe, brother. Fly safe.


Holidailies 2007