Muddled Head

We’ve been sick more than usual in the months since we moved back to the East Coast from the West Coast. I remember that the same thing happened within a month or two after we moved to California. We kept getting sick over and over again, then our immune systems adjusted and other than the odd winter bug, or gastrointestinal distress, we were fine. Our systems must be re-calibrating to the East Coast and changes in the germs since we left, because we all keep getting sick over and over again.

This week’s little charmer came in the form of a bad head cold, caught at my parents’ house (thanks Dad) and all three of myself and the boys have it, though they don’t seem to have it as badly as I did yesterday. It was a muddled head day yesterday, the kind of day where thoughts slide by each other without quite meeting and the input from the world doesn’t make sense until a good few seconds after it would normally. I was slow, I was sluggish and I spent most of the day curled up in the armchair downstairs slowly reading through a proposal for work, while drinking tea and wrapping up tight in a warm quilt. The weather mirrored my state of mind, soupy, muggy almost if it weren’t so cold. The rawness in the air seeps into the lungs and brings on a nasty cough if you don’t wrap up well.

Last night, I bundled Vic who has been sleeping in our bed after a spate of nightmares back into his own bed. He’s a sprawling sleeper who likes to flip upside down in the middle of the night. This mixes badly with Julien’s habit of kicking off the covers and they’d been doing battle over the middle-ground of the bed for the past two nights. I re-drew the line in the sand last night. I let Vic fall asleep on our bed, but moved him to his own once he was solidly out. We all slept better for it and I have a far more upbeat outlook on the world today and my nose is much less stuffed. Good sleep really is the cure for most ills I think. I might even tackle the Christmas lights today and see about getting some up around our front window and down in the front yard. I just have to find an outlet to plug outdoor lights into. We also need to start thinking about getting a tree. Generally I’m all for the family outing to do this, but it might be easier if Sabs and I just take care of it tomorrow over lunch. Vic’s request has been that we need a star and he wants to put the star on the tree. I think we can do that.

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