I took Vic out to see Enchanted this afternoon, while my parents watched Julien. It’s a charming little movie, amusing enough for adults who like a little tongue-in-cheek humor about Disney and mostly engaging for a kid of Vic’s age, though he started to lose interest during some of the quieter parts. He had a little trouble when the boredom hit, shaking and flapping more and more until the dragon showed up at which point he was able to still again and watch the end of the film.

Taking Vic out to the movies can be difficult, but he gets so excited about it and generally loves it so much that it’s worth the extra work. We generally have to sit on the end of a row, or fairly far back to make a quick exit, or as with today, behind the handicapped row if possible. This is so that if his tics get bad, he doesn’t wind up kicking the seat in front of him by mistake.

I like being able to spend quality time just with him though, doing something that we both like. It’s bonding time that we don’t get the chance for, very often. The snow’s melted, much to his chagrin, but as we left the movie theater, the snowscape in the jewelry store around the corner from the theater caught his attention. We strolled past each display window, looking at the little figurines, some of them fine chine, others crystal, all winter/holiday themed. He was most delighted by the polar bears rolling around in the snow. Here’s hoping we get another good snow to bring back that same delight on his face.

Holidailies 2007