Power Lines

Last night, high winds blew in, along with a heavy blanket of black clouds, but no rain or snow fell. Instead the house was rocked and rattled by the wind, an inhuman howl skirting around the foundation and pummeling the windows wanting to be let in. It shook the power lines throughout the town, knocking out the electricity at the restaurant where Sabs works and making the lights flicker at home.

As we sat around the table eating a ‘this weather is scary’ meal of pizza, a sudden loud buzzing sound made the back wall of the kitchen vibrate while blue light flashed at the windows. The kids tried to rush forward to see, but a stern warning to stay back halted them in their tracks and they huddled under the kitchen table instead.

With trepidation I opened the back door, peering out into the wild night, afraid to see dangling black wires trailing sparks through the dry leaves in the yard. I flicked on my flashlight and pointed it at the spot where the thick cables come into the house. Surprisingly, there was nothing to see. Nothing had come loose, nothing was sparking, everything looked completely normal, just the usual collection of neat coils of wire huddled against the siding.

Puzzled I pulled the door shut and called my mother to ask her if her power was out. It was not; a slight reassurance should we have needed to retreat to somewhere with heat for the night. In a pinch, Mom and Dad have a fireplace. We do not.

This morning, everything is calm again, no sign of the wind other than a passing breeze ruffling the smaller branches of the trees and rearranging the blanket of leaves on the ground.

Holidailies 2007