There’s been downsides to this move back East, unanticipated, bothersome. There’s plenty to be thankful for too. Right now, I am thankful for the fact that we can afford to rent a full-sized house.

Victor is home from school today and is upstairs having a freak out about having a break from the television. He’s in full on lockdown and hammering the floor fit to beat the band, while howling at the top of his lungs. This is the sort of behavior that nearly got us kicked out of one apartment and a couple of visits from the sheriff, when concerned neighbors called.

Here in the comfort of our private residence, he can freak out to his heart’s content and we can apply the techniques we’re supposed to apply to handle this behavior (mostly not acknowledging it until he can calm down after initial efforts to intervene before he gets into lockdown mode) without fear of recrimination from the apartment management or having to deal with the sheriff/take the sheriff away from dealing with other more important things than an autistic child having a violent tantrum.

Though I have questions about how the school district is handling him based on our recent parent-teacher conference, overall, I am thankful that we live in a district with a well-funded autism program that provides for the integrated type classroom environment that my son needs. So often I read horror stories online, in the news about parents of autistic children who’ve had to fight tooth and nail to get access to services to help their children, or whose kids have been sidelined into inappropriate environments. This hasn’t happened to us with Vic and I’m glad that since he was diagnosed, he’s been able to easily get the services that he needs.

I’m also thankful that today, the three of us are going to be able to sit down to have a nice lunch together, in our own home. It’s quality time that’s very precious to me, given how hectic life can often get.

I need to remind myself of these things for those other times when it is crazy, when I start to feel overwhelmed or in doubt about whether or not coming back here was the right thing to do.

Holidailies 2007