It’s Holidailies season again. I’m dusting off this space to participate and hopefully find some motivation to use it again. Right now I’m struggling with the change in the weather here in Pennsylvania after living in California for the last 7 years. We’re actually supposed to have snow or at least freezing rain tonight/early tomorrow. I haven’t been in that kind of weather for any length of time for a really long time.

My eldest son has been protesting the cold and asking if we can go back to California for a couple of weeks now. He was born there and has never really experienced a real winter other than a few Christmas visits back here when he was fairly young. It’s a very different thing to experience a full on East Coast winter for all three to three and a half months that they usually last for.

While we lived in the Bay Area, I actually went to great lengths to try to keep myself from losing my resistance to the cold weather. Sadly it seems I was unsuccessful, even though I stowed my heavy coats and ran around in short sleeves for most of the year. The cold has just been getting right into my bones, the darkness weighing down my eyelids and overall I feel slow, sluggish, hermit-like.

Welcome home, eh?

Holidailies 2007