Ringing in the New

So here we are, it’s 2007 and it’s been a day mostly like any other day.
There were errands run and a tantrum for each kid and housework.

And there was the fire alarm.

Yep, we literally got to “ring in” the new year today. My left ear is still buzzing from the intense ringing of the alarm.

At least we know it really works.

Of course no one bothered to come around to tell any of us who were waiting outside in the cold for the building to be cleared or even if the fire dept. had arrived even though the alarms were going off in the stack of units right next to ours and we could see the flashing of the visual alarms in there.

Another resident eventually jogged up towards the main office to find out what was going on and came back to say we could go back in. The alarm was so loud though that none of us really wanted to go inside, so we hung out on our patio until the noise stopped.

Vic was scared, Julien was sleepily puzzled and Sabs and I were just hopeful it would amount to nothing even though I’d smelled smoke when I stuck my head out into the hall before we hightailed it outside.

This experience has highlighted the fact that we need to be much more organized about fire alarms because all that we grabbed were a couple of blankets for the kids and our shoes.