Sharp Steely Knives on Puzzle Day

I’m not sure what the heck this bug is, but it had better leave damn quick. Julien had it first, a nagging, dry cough followed by a runny nose. It makes no sense the order of the symptoms, but that’s the way it’s playing out. Then Sabs started with the cough and now I’ve got it.

There are sharp steely knives stabbing through my upper chest every time I cough and nagging soreness in between coughing spells, but otherwise no symptoms other than fatigue. I guess my nose will start running like a faucet in the next 24 hours though. I am somewhat consoled by the fact that Jules’ cough cleared up very quickly after the faucet turned on but the cough is just so very painful and I just want it to go away.

Vic is, of course, still awake in spite of my best efforts otherwise, so I’ve put on a Harry Potter flick and we’re curled up on the couch in hopes that watching a familiar film will help soothe Vic to sleep. He had the shakes pretty bad tonight, so I think that tomorrow we definitely need to get him out to the park to run around. The awful weather the past few days has kept us indoors and even the new Jelly Jumper inflatable trampoline we got the kids for Christmas isn’t helping to work off all of his energy.

It’s been a good day in spite of the sharp steely knives though. We got some parcels that missed Christmas but made Boxing Day and among them was a “Make Your Own Jigsaw Puzzle” kit that Vic and I worked through today. It had two blank puzzles in it and he asked me to draw on one while he did the other. I drew a fanciful picture of Vic while he did an abstract rendering of a “choo choo train”. Another box had a “Thomas the Tank Engine” puzzle with oversized pieces and we put that together too while Julien napped. So today was basically puzzle day, punctuated by lots of jumping around in the Jelly Jumper and it was good.