Two Hours

Two hours is about the average for how long it takes to get Vic and Julien settled down and into bed. For the past few nights things have been stretching out into a crazy marathon where Vic fights sleep, coming up with any reason not to close his eyes. His fussing tends to distract Julien if he’s not already asleep.

Tonight Julien went down relatively easily, within 1.5 hours of starting our bedtime routine. I had high hopes for Vic who is currently lying in bed with heavy-lidded eyes, clearly exhausted, sadly exhaustion is not winning out over whatever it is that’s keeping him awake. I can hear him in there talking to himself, which is fine. I gave him a book to look at in hopes that would help him dial down and he’s talking about the book. I’m just hoping I won’t have to go back in again tonight until Julien wakes up for his Sometime Before Dawn nursing, because this is the first moment since Sabs left today that I’ve had to just sit and put my feet up a little and have a bite to eat.

Bedtime is the bane of most parents I know, barring the lucky few. While I know I’m going to miss rocking my kids to sleep when they get older, I sometimes find myself longing for the day when they will be independent enough to settle down with a couple of books the way my brothers and I eventually did.