Double Header

Today involved seasonal socializing including obligatory Santa visit (at Sabs’ workplace holiday party) and accompanying photos of one child smiling while on Santa’s lap while the other looked concerned and cried a little. Julien’s still got a bit of separation/stranger anxiety going on and was not thrilled at all about being handed off to the weirdo in the red suit. Somehow they managed to snap his picture while his face was still in slightly worried mode rather than full on crumple-up-redly-and-cry mode so we’ll actually have a good set for this year once the red eye has been digitally removed.

We didn’t torture Jules for long, just a minute or so and then he was back with me and all smiles again and chasing balloons across the dance-floor while Vic settled down with the other kids, captivated by the magician and his magic tricks. Both boys behaved superbly as a matter of fact and this party, which I’d been dreading a little, turned out to be nice enough if hectic due to the large number of children under 6.

After the party we headed home where I packed up some stuff that I was Freecycling today and then Vic and I set off into the chilly afternoon to go to the movies. The movie theater is only three blocks away from where we live now, so it’s an easy matter to jaunt over there and catch a film as long as we’re both home so one of us can watch Julien. Our last excursion to the theater with Julien in tow to see “Happy Feet” taught us that Jules isn’t quite ready to put up with even a 1.5 hour film yet, so we’re holding off on bringing him along to anything but purely kiddie films for now.

I’d promised Vic that we’d take him to see “Eragon” this weekend if he behaved all week and he was a model of good behavior with only some minor whining and one tantrum in sight this week, so off we went a little bit late for the 2:50pm showing. We missed the opening sequence and the theater was fairly full so we just squeezed in on the end of a row a bit further up towards the front than I’d usually like. It didn’t wind up being a problem though because the movie engrossed Vic right away and I got pretty into it myself, though some of my enthusiasm stemmed from seeing Vic’s face light up when the dragon hatched and how excited he got when she flew for the first time and clapped his hands happily.

Going to the movies with Vic is a completely different experience from going with Sabs or with friends. He’s so into what’s on screen, he jumps into that world so easily. It’s fun to let my more critical self go and just jump right in there with him. I had to cover his eyes during one somewhat gruesome scene, but as epic fantasies go, there was relatively little that was objectionable for him in this movie. He told me later that he didn’t get scared and given that he didn’t grab onto my arm once (in contrast with some scenes from “Pirates 2”) I believe him. He did snuggle into the crook of my arm though and rested his head on my shoulder to watch the greater part of the film. He doesn’t really do this at home because he’s often bouncing around the room while watching a movie. It was really nice to get a cuddle from my big boy.

We got ice cream afterwards and then skipped home through a wind that carried hints of Alaskan cold in it, laughing and chattering the whole way. Once we got back, Sabs asked how it was and I told him that Vic had liked it so much he wanted to see it again. “Want to go see it again now Vic?” Sabs asked and I just busted up laughing as he pulled on his jacket and helped Vic get a warmer jacket on and they went right back out.

So Vic got double treat today: special trip to the movies with Mommy AND with Daddy and two viewings of “the dragon movie” as he calls it. “I a dragon rider!” he said to me happily on the way home and showed me his wings and how to fly.