Adventures in Domesticity

We’re pushing through the last of the boxes today to get all unpacked and set up in our new home so I’m just going to post and describe some pictures today.

What Victor Did While We Were Unpacking and Napping Yesterday:

Vic Mixes Up Some Cake Batter

“See mama, I’m making a birthday for my Julien.” (Vic still associates cakes with birthdays and usually drops the word ‘cake’ from his speech, so birthday here, means birthday cake, or just cake, since it is not Julien’s birthday. However, Vic also charmingly believes in the ability for one to have a birthday more than once a year, so he was basically trying to give his brother a nice treat in more than just a cake-baking way.)

Vic's Cake in the Oven

I was a little angry when I first walked out of the bedroom where I’d been folding clothes to find him mixing together salt, cous-cous, shortening and peanut butter, but since he’d used so much of the shortening, I decided to chill out and give him a hand and we added some other things that had the potential to actually make a decent-tasting cake. After adding flour and sugar, a rising agent and some chocolate we put it in a pan and actually baked it.

If he hadn’t put quite so much salt in, it would actually have been quite edible because the couscous fluffed up in the batter, absorbing some of the liquid and the peanut butter and chocolate combined nicely without being overpowering (my beef with most peanut butter cookies). Sadly, there was no getting around the salt.

How Victor Chose to Decorate His Bathroom


A couple of weeks ago, Vic picked out this shower curtain and a duckie bath mat for his bathroom. He wanted to get the whole set, with the towels and decorative shower rings and the giant duckie soap dispenser, but we were on a budget so I said no and he cried, heart-broken about putting the shower rings back on the shelf. My mother heard this story and went to Target with my brother while he was home for Thanksgiving and picked up most of the things Vic had had to put back. This is the end result. It’s bright and cheery, yep.

The Boys’ Room

Julien's Side

As of about twenty minutes ago, we finally got through the stack of boxes in the boys’ room and cleared out space to bring in the second bookcase and really set up Julien’s side of the room. This room is going to look really nice and be a fun space for the guys when we’re done. I’m really happy with our decision to give them the master bedroom and with the way the room is coming together.

From last week – Vic’s side:
Vic's Side