We went to Carol’s memorial service this afternoon. The kids were welcome to come in. Victor did not behave as well as I’d hoped so Sabs had to take him out into another room while we shared memories of Carol in the living room.

There were a few other employees and former employees from my office there.

I wound up breaking down when I tried to speak. I didn’t get to say everything that I meant to.

It felt good to have a real cry at last though among other people who cared about Carol.

We all had regrets about not being there that day.

I fell less alone about it now and it was good to meet her family, the people she talked about all the time and cared about the most herself.

Afterwards we took the kids to the movies to see “Happy Feet”.

Somehow it seemed fitting to take them to a movie that is in many ways, a celebration of love and life.

Victor “tap danced” through most of the film and out the door at the end.

A little piece of my heart lifted itself up and danced out the door with him into the stormy night where we darted through rain drops in search of ice cream.

Rest in peace Carol. We will remember you and your kind heart always.