Brown Paper Packages

They’re not tied up with string, they’re sealed with packing tape, but we have two brown boxes that arrived today from family. One of them is a Christmas present off of their wish list for the boys from my brother. The other is not a Christmas present though it is a present for the kids.

A week or so ago, we made a run by Target to get shower curtains for the bathrooms since we don’t have sliding shower doors in our bathroom for the first time in 3 years. I let Vic pick out the curtains for his bathroom and he selected a bright yellow ducky patterned curtain and some of the accessories to go with it. He wanted to get the giant duck-shaped soap dispenser and some specialty shower-curtain hangers in the shape of duckies and the duckie towels too but I had to cut him off at the shower curtain, a duckie cup and a bath mat because the total dollars were adding up rather quickly and my intent was not to spend more than $20 on bathroom paraphernalia. He was quite put out when I put the decorative duckie curtain-hangers back on the shelf and shed some tears over his duckies and how much he was going to miss them, but I held firm and steered off in search of the other necessities we’d come for.

I opened that second box just now and it’s got all of the items but the giant duckie soap-dispenser in it. A gift from my mother to her grandson. A little bit of positive spoiling that wreathed his face in smiles as he hugged the towels and the package of shower curtain hangers to his chest and squealed happily: “MY DUCKIES!!”

If only it were so easy to make most adults that happy.