There’s a twinge in my cheek still from where the needle went in, pumping the left side of my mouth full of numbing medecine to avoid the pain from a deep cleaning and a new set of fillings.

I was sitting in the dentist’s chair for so long that they had to re-inject the stuff for the second of the two procedures I had done today and I’m still feeling it just a little bit, the edge of numbness in the side my face though it no longer masks the soreness from the cleaning.

I don’t think I’ve ever been dosed with so much novocaine. Every time I’ve had fillings before it’s been for a single tooth, a single shot from the needle though even with the lesser amount I hate the feeling of cold thickness as the stuff seeps into the tissues around my teeth. The alternative of course isn’t pretty. Even with the novocaine, somehow getting fillings still hurts. It’s a strange twinging, sharp pain that feels like a cold wind slapping my cheek only on the inside.

Next week I go back to get the other side of my mouth done and then hopefully I won’t have to deal with novocaine in my gums ever again.