Moving In

The weekend before Thanksgiving, on a raw, cold day with drizzling rain, we and a team of movers packed up all of our stuff, put it in the back of a truck and drove about 10 miles north to a new apartment.

It took us 7.5 hours to load that 24 foot truck and only 2 to unload it. It’s taken over 2 weeks to even get close to being moved in. As with just about every move, that was not the original plan. The plan was to move on a Saturday, get mostly moved in on Sunday and then deal with the straggling bits and pieces over the last weeks of November. Sadly, things did not go according to plan and that big first move didn’t happen until Sunday with the net result being a chaos of boxes and furniture and stuff crammed into corners in our new abode.

Today we finally made some good headway into the scary pile of boxes, knocking them down enough that there was room to put Julien’s crib together and start to organize the kids’ clothing and toys in their closet. It’s all starting to come together in my head as well. It’s like solving a giant jigsaw puzzle where the pieces have a staggering variety of shapes. “If I put this bookcase here, then we can put the cookbooks there and that frees up this corner for a filing cabinet and that corner for the easy chair.” There’s a vision in my mind’s eye now of our things in this space, cozy and comfortable.

Who’d have thought that an additional 200 sq ft would make such a big difference? No one room is that much bigger than any of the rooms in our previous residence, but put together it makes a difference. I don’t feel like I’m trying to cram our things into too little space. It’s just right and when we get there, when that vision in my head becomes a reality, it really will be home.