Digging Out

First day of the new year and I’m feeling a lot better than I have the past few days, despite staying up late and the return of the clouds. The sun has been making a pale appearance off and on since I got up, but the clouds are gathering to the West, ominous and black underneath, fading through gray to white at the top where the light is trying to bravely hold on.

My lethargy has a simple explanation beyond cabin fever and yucky weather – I forgot to refill my thyroid medication and went without for more than three days, enough time for the stuff to work its way out of my system entirely. I’d almost forgotten what it felt like, to be med-free, how slow everything gets, how push-button the emotions become. In spite of the real clouds gathering on the horizon, it feels like the heaviness is lifting from my heart and from my limbs and I’m becoming nimble again.

This return of energy means I’m finally digging us out from under a week’s worth of holiday-induced mess and chaos. The kitchen is starting to look usable again, the living room is slowly becoming cozy again and if the kids cooperate, our bedroom might start looking like a bedroom again instead of a laundry processing facility.

I’m not planning any big outings to the park today, so I encouraged Vic to go play outside on the patio. He spent over an hour out there, pedaling his bike back and forth, and doing his ‘building’. I swear, we’ve got a budding architect, engineer or carpenter on our hands. When I went out to check on him a little while ago, he’d interlaced his push-car, tricycle, a broom and his wagon into a structure out of an anime film. “My house!” he said proudly before decompiling the whole thing again so he could bring his tricycle inside. “My bike COLD, need get warm!” he said insistently. I used to call my bicycle “Octoo” and pretend it was a horse, so I humored him, but told him it had to stay in the kitchen near the patio door where the floor is tiled.

He’s coloring now, telling stories as he draws, the lines increasingly wild on the page and I’m going to have a bit of lunch before diving back into the dishes. I keep telling myself that at least it’s not cold, so all this rain doesn’t mean I’m digging us out from out three to four feet of snow.