Encounter With Markers

One of Vic’s presents that I like the best is a binder full of paper, both lined and unlined and a clear pouch full of pencils, crayons and markers. His teacher got it for him and it’s a great idea – now I know exactly where to keep all of the artwork he brings home from school and what to do when the art fit hits. We’ve been improvising so far, with the back of Sabs’ flat panel monitor which keeps falling off as a hard drawing surface.

The rule around the house is that Vic has to draw on paper. Not the walls, not the furniture and not himself. I still find crayon on the side of my desk or on the arms of the sofa every now and then, but not with the frequency that we used to. However, Vic still loves to ‘body paint’ and he decided that this would be the perfect use for his new markers.

Victor's Purple Warrior Face Paint

I had a minor panic attack about his face when he came bounding up the stairs to show me, until I realized that his teacher is a very wise lady, and bought washable markers. The stuff comes off pretty easily with just water, add a little soap and it’ll be all gone. Vic started to rinse it off himself but didn’t get it all off and it took on this neat watercolor effect, mottling his skin in shades of violet. If it weren’t so very very violet, it would make him look like he’d had an unfortunate encounter with a door instead of a rather amusing one with his set of markers.