The Family Curse

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it won’t happen, but it unfortunately seems that the family curse of being sick on Christmas seems to be striking again this year. I thought we were in the clear, once we all recovered from that nasty cold around Thanksgiving, so I’ve made all these fun plans in my head about what we’ll do during my week off work.

Then Julien started coughing due to his runny nose a couple of days ago. But still, I told myself that a little runny nose and a bit of a cough aren’t that big of a deal. No problem.

Then this morning, Vic threw up.

Vomiting diseases are not ‘no problem’. They’re stinky and messy and they go all over the place and they make celebrating just a titch more difficult than other kinds of sick. One year, we all got so sick and puked so much, that even the people who were feeling better and were trying to clean up after the still-sick ones, wound up with sympathy puking. That was a fun one. Yep.

The last report from home states that Vic hasn’t tossed any more cookies since 10ish this morning. Here’s hoping it stays that way so that all of those plans in my head will become reality instead of just daydreams of the perfect holiday.