I’ve been thinking about loss a lot lately. A number of people close to me have suffered losses this year, not just deaths, all kinds of loss. Some would probably be considered more profound losses than others, but all of these people I care about are experiencing some level of grief and mourning about losing someone or something dear to them. I’ve some losses of my own to contend with, for that matter and I’m flailing around with how to handle the grief, the mourning, and eventually the moving on process.

Going wider, the country I live in, and the world at large have suffered a lot of losses this year too. It seems as if there’ve been more than the average number of natural disasters and other tragic phenomena. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems to be casting a bit of a pall over this holiday season.

How much loss can a person take, I keep wondering, before it gets to be too much? How far can you push that line, before you can’t get hope back? What about when it’s affecting a wider pool of people? A town, a city, a country? Is there really a general mood, or is that just something that the papers, TV and history books come up with?

Anyway, right now I just want to wish all of you who are trying to cope with losses, much strength and hope for getting through it and much joy on this Yule Day. Today marks the longest day of the year, the turning back of the dark to the light. I hope that wherever you are, some of that light will be able to find you.

Blessed Be.