Muddle Head

The sky is overcast, dull gray again today, though the temperatures have picked up and left the lower end of the thermometer and headed upwards. I don’t need that second layer under my jacket that I’ve needed for the past week or so today. The grayness though is pressing on my mind, invading it with lethargy, a strong need to hibernate.

My thoughts are all muddied and half-formed, I can’t string a full sentence together easily. The words that come out of my mouth don’t always match what I thought I was putting together in my head.

I guess part of this is also due to the fact that we’re in the in-between time. The lull between the rush for Christmas and Christmas itself. It’s like little whispers in the back of my head going “Soon, soon,” that need restraining because the anticipation can drive me mad otherwise.

I can’t wait to see Vic’s face on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I’m eager for him, even though his concept of “Christmas is Coming” is still kind of shaky. It’s enough that this year he understands “Clanta Claus” and presents.

There’s another celebration today though, a birthday, one that usually sees me stepping foot onto a train or plane to go home for the week leading up to Christmas. My mother turns 56 today. Happy Birthday Mommy! I’m not traveling for, or on Mom’s birthday this year, but I’m definitely thinking of her today and all of the love and support she’s given me over the years. I hope her day is a good one, full of laughter and good food and some down time with a good book.

There’s also congratulations to offer for another birth, my friend D. gave birth to her daughter C. on Sunday and I’m very very excited for their new arrival.