Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful

Six degrees lower and we’d have snow on the ground. It’s a cold winter season (though it’s technically still Fall) this year in this part of California. Today we have leaden gray skies, chilly rain and a nasty cold breeze to top things off. It’s making the heater work double time to keep the house warm. Our place really wasn’t designed with maximum heat retention in mind. The door doesn’t fit properly into the frame, for example, and there’s a constant draft, a narrow slice of cold air that sneaks its way in along my arm as I sit here beside that door, typing away. The windows are all single-pane glass and each of them exudes an icy chill on colder days and at night. I’ve been dropping the blinds for added insulation, but we really need to hang curtains to stave off the cold.

Thankfully, we do have that nice gas heater going, so it gives an illusion of being a fireplace, albeit one with blue flames, rather than cozy orange ones. The cats have taken up residence on the floor in front of its vents to luxuriate in the heat it throws off. It’s hard to get them to move out of that safe warm spot too, unless you’re Victor charging under the arm chair next to the heater to get the toy box that sits under the chair. When Victor comes around, the gets mysteriously vanish into thin air as fast as their little paws can carry them.

Despite the weather, today’s activities included a trip out to the holiday party at Sabs’ work and a stop by one of the local tree lots to pick up our Christmas tree. It’s a little one, just under five feet I’d say, and it fits just perfectly next to our bookcases. We got it for cheap, because it’s a little brown around the edges. That’s okay for us though, because we probably won’t have it up for very long. I tend to follow my mother’s tradition of keeping it up until Twelfth Night, but this little guy may not make it that far if we don’t manage to water regularly.


I like this size tree though – it’s small enough that I can pick it up with one hand and Vic can reach the top if he stands on tiptoe, but it’s big enough to be a presence in the room. The number of ornaments we own should cover it nicely too, without too many bare spots as we’ve had in years past.

This year is fun because it’s the first where Vic really understands what’s going on. He’s full of excitement and wonder for the holiday. He was a little shy with “Clanta Claus” today at the party, but he was able to sit on Santa’s lap and smile for a picture and whisper that he wanted cars for Christmas. They’re waiting for him already, Santa just needs to wrap them and sneak them under the tree for Christmas morning.

Vic and Santa