Litany for A Long Evening

There’s a full moon hanging overhead and I’m drawing blank tonight. I’m overwhelmed by the daily grind, and the clinging of tiny cold hands on skin already stretched too tight. I’m rocking the baby to and fro, watching his eyelids slowly grow heavy. Hoping against hope for sleep soon, just … whenever he’s ready.

I gave up on the kitchen, and making good food, it’s pizza for us tonight. There’s been too much TV and a bit too much yelling, but tomorrow’s another day for trying to get things right. “Lilo & Stitch” is the name of the game, for buying myself a little bit of space. I keep reminding myself of Mom’s “whatever works” for this particular time and space.

Side note to follow up on the pedometer issue:

17,487 steps, 8.28 miles, 1056 calories starting at 7:30 this morning and ending at 7:15 this evening. There was a little extra walking today, but not that much. Damn that’s a lot of walking.