I have a new companion on my right hip. I picked it up yesterday from the Live Well, Work Well taskforce at work. Kelly from finance, who is managing the walking program helped me measure my stride with the tape measure I keep in my purse to measure my knitting: thirty inches when I’m using a normal pace. The pedometer can be set to silent, or I can push the little button on top and it’ll talk to me as I walk. “You have taken four steps and walked 0.00 miles,” it chirps in a brightly female voice.

I’ve been leaving it on silent since I picked it up.

Last night was not a heavy-duty walking night, because Sebastien was working a long day and taking a long dinner break so he picked up Julien for me and met me at Vic’s school and drove us all home. When I got home and settled in with the boys, I’d taken 2200 steps and walked 1.09 miles since I cleared the pedometer before leaving work. I’ve been walking a lot more distance than I ever thought and never realized it. This is of course, why I asked for the pedometer in the first place. I want to know just how much I walk over the course of regular day as well as weekends and low-walking days. I’ve always thought that I walked about 3 miles daily, but I’m willing to bet, that by the end of the week I’ll find that I average more than that, closer to 5 miles daily.

The jury’s still out on that final number. How much walking is it really, to leave work, go pick up both boys and walk home? But I’m already feeling a little conflicted, because that number is much higher than I expected for the simple act of walking out of my office to the bus stop, from the bus stop to the BART station, and from another bus stop to Vic’s school. If the number is as high as I think it’ll be, the prospect of increasing my exercise even more to acheive some weight loss is going to be pretty daunting.

The question lingers in my mind: how much is it actually going to take to change my shape and am I willing to do it? I’m already healthy. This is about changing the way I look and changing the way I am. It’s about going from large and soft to athletic. As I think it over, I don’t think I can commit to it solely for the sake of appearance. It’s just not in my nature. However, I think I can commit to it in order to be able to squat down without pain in my knees and I can definitely commit to it in order to kick ass. I would very much like to not only be able to be healthy, but to kick ass if I have to.

It should only take a week to find out some preliminary answers here about how far I go every day and how many calories I burn. From there it’s not a huge leap to figure out just how much I gradually need to step things up in order to get into real shape.