Holiday Bombardment

Ack!! I’m stumbling under a veritable deluge of mailers, flyers, coupons, catalogues and e-mail offers from various retailers. It’s unbelievable how much stuff I cull out of my various inboxes on a daily basis this holiday season. I read a newspaper article about it last week – the early push from retailers to get a good holiday shopping season going. Personally, it’s driving me absolutely, freaking nuts.

Funny the World wrote about charitable organizations bombarding her this holiday season just yesterday and I caught the entry through the Holidailies portal, and I’m just sayin’ I hear ya Bev. Boy, ever do I, but in my case it’s every local department store and online vendor that I’ve shopped with over the course of the year. I’ve put no less than twelve L.L. Bean and Land’s End Very Special Holiday Season catalogues into the recycling bin over the past two weeks. Twelve.

I’ve already done most of my clothes-shopping for the year and I’m not planning on getting my family anything from either catalogue. There go a couple more dead trees. Oy!

It seems to be kind of … counter to the spirit of the season, all this pressure to buy stuff. Unfortunately, even though I’m taking a week off right after Christmas, I can’t stop the mailman from stuffing my mailbox with yet more flyers, so there’s no escape from it that way. I can’t even just stop emptying the mailbox for a day or two, because it’d get so full, so quickly that it would all literally fall down on my head if I let it go.

I’d like to hide out for a few days though, I would, to just turn it all off for a bit: quiet the hawking and just sniff the winter air laced with the scent of evergreen and cinnamon, while walking with my children down the streets of Walnut Creek.