Baby Charm

Today, I’ve wound up at home by accident, instead of at work, because of an appointment for Vic that ran long this morning. Vic is at school and I’m here with Julien who is being the most charming baby ever. I’ve spread his quilt on the ground and he’s jigging in place the way four-month-old babies do, kicking his legs and pushing up as high as he can on his arms and grinning at me fit to split his cheeks.

Every now and then he threatens to roll over and I grab the camera, hoping to catch the milestone on film, though it’s highly likely that I’ll miss it and he’ll do his first roll at daycare or here, with Sabs instead. Now I’ve flipped him over and he’s lifting his feet up and eyeing them with interest too, so perhaps it won’t be long until he discovers them and starts chewing on his toes as well as his chubby little fists. Every couple of seconds he starts talking to me: “Uh oh! Oh whoaaa! Ungaaaaa! Whoaaa! Ahhh!” all on a descending or ascending scale.

He’s got me utterly charmed this baby does, even when he’s waking me up in the middle of the night, every hour on the hour to be fed. He makes me laugh so much, returning each one of those gummy grins with a smile of my own. Though life with two kids, working full-time and a schedule opposite my spouse isn’t always a walk in the park, this baby helps me de-stress, keeps me grounded when things start to look bleak.

He’s a literal bright patch in my day right now, all dressed in white against the vivid yellows, greens and rust of his baby quilt.