Not The Most Brilliant Beginning

All right so migrating my journal to WordPress the night before Holidailies starts is probably not the most briliant move I’ve ever made. But it’s needed doing for some time and it’s all part of the general scheme of, “I should really update here more often”, which is of course part of why I signed up again for Holidailies this year even though I failed miserably to keep up last year. This is why the design isn’t done yet too, of course, because I hared off and started installing at 9:30 last night and got interrupted every 5 minutes until 10:30pm by Victor hollering down the stairs: “I need a drink Mommy. I need to go potty Mommy” etc. etc.

General parenting obstacles to my schedule aside, this year, we’re not planning any travel, visits from relatives or anything involving massvie amounts of packing and preparation for the months of December or January. No no, we’ve got a low-key holiday season planned that may involve dropping the kids off with Julien’s daycare which is not closed for Christmas week for at least one day and spending some quality time doing absolutely nothing at all. I suppose it’s one of those ironies of parenthood that sitting around lounging on the couch doing nothing but hanging out and maybe watching a movie uninterrupted starts to sound like the best time ever.

This morning was another ‘up at the butt crack of dawn’ morning, but public transport conspired to make me lateish for work which is leaving me scrambling to get through my preparations for the day. Wednesdays tend to be meeting-heavy and my eyes are crossing a little at all of the prep I have to squeeze into the next half hour to be ready for the first meeting of the day. Hopefully things will calm down a bit later, because Wednesdays are also Chicken Curry Rice Bowl days at one of the local lunch cafés and I look forward to that bowl of curry every week. There’s just something about the way this particular café makes the curry – it’s not too thick or too thin, it’s flavors are rich and full-bodied, but not too spicy. The vegetables are usually cooked perfectly: mushrooms, carrots and bamboo shoots and the chicken is tender and saturated with the broth, as is the rice, once you get down to it, making it soft and tasty but not gloopy like porridge. It’s a hearty and filling soup that doesn’t sit heavily either as most creamy soups would.
For me, it’s liquid comfort in a take-out cup that I can carry back to the office, breathing in the scent of curry spices, my hands kept warm by the heat radiating through the bag.