Turkey Al Fresco

This year my family has traveled West to visit with us for Thanksgiving and it’s promising to be a very unique experience for all of us. So far, it’s just been a visit, with their time divided between touring and coming by to sit in the evening and help with the kids and just talk. Tomorrow though, we try something new.

Usually, if it’s us doing the traveling, we’re at their house. Back in the day, before I had children of my own, we’d take turns, year after year going to the Uncles’ houses, sharing Thanksgiving duties. It was always a matter of going to someone’s house though, setting the table with the fancy china, hanging out playing games and watching movies, telling stories and then eating and eating ’til we just couldn’t eat anymore. If I travel with the kids to my parents’ house, that’s much how it is too, and often the cousins come to visit, or we drive up the day after, to share leftovers and shoot the breeze.

This year, will be an adventure of sorts. There will still be cooking and warmth by the stove in my little kitchen, but it’s a pared down menu that’s in store for us, and our feast transported to a local park for consumption. We’ll be dining al fresco for Thanksgiving this year, something new for all of us, that we wouldn’t be able to do on the East coast.

Here’s wishing all of you a very happy Thanksgiving or Harvest celebration too.