Falling Behind

I’m not doing too well here in meeting my Holidailies goal. I signed up again this year, because last year it helped re-energize my writing, got me back into the habit of daily updates for a while and I enjoyed it. This year, I’m finding it very very difficult to tap into the kind of writing that I like to do here. I don’t want to write the little tidbits that I put in my LiveJournal here, and a lot of the things that are going on in my life right now are very very private, not for public consumption. In fact, between those things and the pregnancy, my energy overall is so drained, that writing the sort of vignettes that I enjoy is just exhausting. It takes a mental effort to even get into the right headspace to create them.

It feels a little strange in fact, to not feel like writing. Mostly, I want to vent, and that sort of venting is best done over hot mugs of tea, while curled up in comfy chairs with one or two good friends. I’ll probably get to do just that, while I’m at my parents’ house in the Philadelphia area. In fact, I’m somewhat counting on this time away to recharge my batteries. I just want to drop all the hard things for a while, shove them into a closet and forget about them while I enjoy my holiday surrounded by the warmth of family.

I may or may not update while I’m away – I’m not sure how stable my access will be, or whether or not I’ll be too busy to sit down at Dad’s computer to cajole the dialup into life.

Happy holidays – may there be joy and laughter and good food for all!