Since it’s not a secret anymore, I should probably post here as well as on my LiveJournal.

Part of the reason I’ve been feeling so tired lately, is because of this.

Baby number 2 is on his or her way. I’m just about 4.5-5 weeks along and really feeling the fatigue as well as a lot more cramping than I remember with Vic. I’m uncomfortable, tired and somewhat out of sorts.

I’m hoping that all of that will pass in a few weeks, while also hoping that that improvement will not be accompanied by the level of “morning sickness” that graced my last pregnancy.

It’s starting to change how I do things already – before I was relatively energetic about getting a meal on the table in the evening, doing a few chores here and there. Now, I just want to disappear into the couch and just sleep. Unfortunately, this does not mesh well with the active lifestyle of a toddler.

It also means that instead of taking advantage of his naps to take care of personal things, like writing and reading and drawing and a million other little things, I take advantage of them to sleep too.

If it’s this tiring already, right at the beginning I’m a little worried about the other end of the road.

Still. It’s happy news and my brain is jangling along in the background with the possibilities. What will this little one be like? How will being a family of four change us? Lots of fun questions along with the worrying ones.