Benadryl Trepidation

I’m holding a bottle of children’s formula Benadryl and eyeing it with some trepidation as I ponder a trial of how well it will work at knocking my toddler out on the plane. That’s right, I’m heading back to Philadelphia for the holidays, with Victor … but not Sabs, who has to work crazy 12-hour days all through the holiday season. Such is the nature of the restaurant business.

So two Fridays from now, I will board an airplane with one very active, difficult-to-keep-busy toddler. While I’m eager to get back home for the holidays to see my family and let my brothers spend some time with their nephew, I am perhaps obsessing over making it through the airplane ride a bit much. It’s just that Vic is so touch-button with the tantrums and there’s really not much of anywhere to go on a plane to be out of the way with a screaming 2.5 year old.

Hence the pink box of Benadryl and the bottle within and reading and re-reading of the label for the proper dosage, as well as pondering whether or not to try it out now and see what happens, just in case. It would be … bad, I think if I reached for it in desperation on the flight and it wound up having the opposite from the desired effect of sleepiness and made poor Vic wired instead. And that’s the other point too … I think I’d only use this if it gets desperate. If he just won’t calm down.

Soon, I keep telling myself, we will move closer. Close enough that we will be able to drive to see all of our parents again and not have to go through the horrendous horror that is air travel.