The Delicious Smell of Thanksgiving

The only thing that smelled better than my own kitchen today as I prepared masses of food for the holiday, was the scent of other meals wafting across the courtyard between our building and the building opposite. There were so many fragrances meeting and combining today. The weather was nice enough for windows to be left open and from above I could smell curry, from below, roasting garlic, across the way, herbs-in-stuffing, that unique scent of bread and herbs baking together into something good.

The sun’s been down for several hours now and Vic and I finally had our bit of a feast about an hour ago. I made way too much food, burned one thumb and a pinkie finger, but by and large it was very worth it. We ate mashed sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, roasted turkey breast, home-made apple-cranberry-walnut stuffing with onions and celery and herbes de provence in it, baked underneath the roasting turkey. We ate glazed carrots and dinner rolls with butter, cranberry-lime sauce and turkey dripping gravy and followed it all up with an apple pie, whose filling is the best I’ve ever made.

I’m sitting here sipping wine now and being … relaxed and trying not to fall asleep as I need to pop some lamb into the oven in a little while to make Sabs’ Thanksgiving a little special and different after spending 12ish hours preparing turkey at the restaurant. There’s plenty of sides left for him to pick from and I’ve marinated the lamb in raspberry-chipotle barbeque sauce, so I’m sincerely hoping he’ll enjoy his meal as much as Vic and I enjoyed ours.

It was painstaking hours of cooking and I didn’t pull it off perfectly – I overcooked the turkey a little and there were so few drippings in the pan that the gravy was thin. But all in all it was still a wonderful meal. The best parts were probably the yukon gold mashed potatoes and the pie, served with old-fashioned vanilla ice cream from Lunardi’s. A co-worker and I stopped there yesterday after we were set free from work nice and early, to pick up supplies for today and I have to say, that it was a delightful discovery to make. Plenty of organic produce, good meats, my favorite bread and all at decent prices. I think I’ll send Sabs there for quick pickups during the week now instead of Safeway.

Vic is watching cartoons now and I’m sitting up here at the computer desk with my eyes slowly crossing from the three glasses of wine and the effects of tryptophan. The kitchen is messy, but not too messy – I’m more worried about how much turkey Vic may have spilled under the table. But right now, I’m high on good food and relaxation and just want to enjoy it, and the lingering smell of roasting turkey, butter, herbs and garlic that lingers, wafting outward from the kitchen.

There’s a contrasting chill, blowing in from the balcony and it feels like it’ll be a night for snuggling under quilts and maybe enjoying a cup of tea and a good book. Despite missing Sabs, and my family, it’s been a lovely Thanksgiving.