Clean Sweeping

It’s raining again, the drops spattering recklessly down from the sky onto the pavement and collecting in huge puddles. Even though there have been breaks in the rain when the sun has shown its face over the past few days, it feels as if it’s been raining non-stop for about a week. A few days ago, the temperature dipped low and I had hoped we might get a light dusting of festive snow. Unfortunately, that wound up being the one completely dry day in the string of wet ones, so no snow for me.

This morning has been a study in frustration for me. I got up in time and slipped out of bed without waking Vic up only to have Pearl suddenly jump up on the nightstand, knock my glasses over and wake him up. I spent the next half hour getting him back to sleep and had to rush through my morning routine as a result. I was still optimistic about getting in relatively early though, until I spent 15 minutes waiting for a train on the platform instead of the expecting 5-10. This is also a new month so I needed to get my new passes upon arriving in the city. I waited in line for 10 minutes, finally reached the front of the line only to be displaced by a fellow who had been having issues with something he’d bought earlier and was now trying to pay with his card. Except that the booths don’t take credit cards, only ATM cards, so he still couldn’t pay for his pass. Finally it was my turn and the ticket agent told me that they’d stopped selling BART Plus cards that morning because they were having issues and told me to try using the machine.

I pay with Commuter Checks so I can’t use the machines. Passless I stomped upstairs only to see the bus I needed rounding the corner. I pranced with impatience for the light to change, darted across the street, sprinted around the corner and got the bus just in time. So far, that’s been the highlight of my day: running through the rain, dodging puddles in shoes not meant for running and making it to the bus stop in time.

We spent New Year’s Eve quietly at home just relaxing and spending time together as a family, likewise New Year’s Day, except for my sudden mad sweep of organizing. I blame it on the New Year’s Day Clean Sweep marathon on TLC that I wound up watching when Sabs decided to spend some time playing computer games. The up side to all that organizing and activity is that Vic’s room is really shaping up nicely now. I moved the bed yet again and he really has a lot of space to play with it where it is. I took the crib down because we really don’t use it, except for timeouts and there are other ways to get around that issue. I also moved our large, plastic, transparent drawers into his room and have started to load them up with diapering supplies and toys. The biggest accomplishment for me though, was going through the three large still-packed boxes that were in his closet. I emptied them out, sorted through all the crap in them and chucked a heck of a lot of trash. The “Keep” pile is just three small totes full of CDs, packets of photos and a few cards I’m keeping as memorabilia to slip into Vic’s baby book. I still have to migrate the contents of the bags to their final resting places, but the amount of space that was cleared up in the closet was wonderful. I was able to put away all of the unopened boxes of diapers as a result and now have some room to re-organize the growing pile of “where does this go? I dunno, here let’s chuck it in Vic’s closet” stuff that is up on the shelf in there.

My next target is our own closet, of course. I have a plan to organize all of my sewing supplies and there’s another box full of random stuff that needs to be sorted into “Keep” and “Toss”. I wish I had a good place to stow a “Sell” pile actually, but this first pass is strictly “Keep-Toss” for a reason – I need to make space for a “Sell” area. Heh.

Anyway, I’m feeling pretty happy about all the organizing and purging and cleaning, even though the living room looks like a tornado hit it. I just need to get through today in one piece and then we can tackle the rest of my to do list this weekend.