Power Outage

It’s been … a day. Yesterday the power went out at work and we all got sent home early. Apparently, a transformer blew up because it got wet. All the rain caused flooding or seepage into the transformer and the thing literally exploded. This is why we were all hustled rapidly out of the building yesterday afternoon.

Today, the building was still mostly out of power, except for emergency lighting from the backup generator and one elevator. We milled around like ants cut off from the hill, uncertain what to do until we were given instructions to go home, check the company voicemail tonight and unless otherwise instructed, show up at 9am tomorrow.

I got home just after 11am as a result, after a brief stop in Rockridge. R. gave me a ride that far and I popped into Rockridge Kids to pick up a baking set to go with Vic’s new oven using Christmas money from my grandmother.

The next few hours are something of a blur. We were trying to put a notification up on the web site that is still hosted externally about the outage since all of our servers were affected. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that our DNS was hosted internally, so even though the IP resolves to the web site in question, the site can’t be reached via it’s English name. After a lot of teleconferencing and callings of various technical support resources trying to remedy the issue, time simply ran out and we didn’t post the notice on the web.

It was all kind of stressful.

When that was over, I got to spend some time with my family and then got some time all by myself when Sabs and his Dad took Vic to the tot lot to burn off some energy. I took advantage of the time to finally get the old server hooked back up and rescued some old material that I didn’t have backups for and pushed a bunch of it up to places on the web where it belongs.

It feels good to finally have that all taken care of.

Hopefully, tomorrow the fallout from our abortive attempts to post a web notice about the outage won’t be too bad. I’m sort of steeling myself for a whoopin’ though.