Eggs and Taters

Post-party and post-everything, our larder is starting to get a bit bare. I was scrounging around for things to make for lunch today and couldn’t really find much of anything to put together into a meal. So I wound up falling back on an old standby of my mother’s – I grabbed the leftover mashed potatoes and fried up a batch of potato pancakes.

I decided that wasn’t enough protein though and since we didn’t have anything resembling quick and easy meat to make, I fried up our remaining four eggs. I made a nice crispy one for Sabs, scrambled Vic’s and did a slow sunny-side up fry for myself. I stumbled upon the trick to the perfect soft fried egg quite by accident – I was making a quick dinner for Vic of egg fried in the middle of toast on our griddle plate a week or so ago, and fretting because my first attempt left me with a piece of bread bleeding copious amounts of yolk. I started fiddling with the temperature on my second try until I got the egg to cook properly within the bread. That success led me to try frying an egg for myself all on its own.

You see, I’m not really into crunchy egg whites, so when Sabs fries me an egg, I tend to get a little …. frustrated, because he likes the crispy bits and assumes I do too. This is why I tend to ask for scrambled eggs instead, since we both like those nice and fluffy. Since my success at the griddle pan for Vic’s egg-in-toast though, I’ve managed to make myself some nice, soft, sunny-side up eggs simply by cooking them v.e.r.y..s.l.o.w.l.y. on low heat. It takes a while for the egg to cook, but when it’s done, it slides off the pan easily, without the need to flip it over and the whites are soft, fluffy and only slightly browned on the cooked side. The yolks are also just right – cooked to warm, but still runny all the way through without any of that sulfuric tasting powdery crap.

It was a little bit odd to eat eggs with mashed potato pancakes rather than a good slice of whole wheat toast (my favorite way to eat them), but it all worked out rather well. A girl’s just gotta make do with what she has sometimes. And none of my little family seemed to be complaining either. I suppose the fact that the mashed potatoes were really good, made with oodles of cream and had parsnips mixed in probably had something to do with the success of the meal too.

I’ll be glad when we have whole wheat bread in the fridge again though. There’s something about it being cold and nasty out and having a cold that just makes me crave warm eggs on toast.