This morning when I woke up, my head felt like it was stuffed with cotton. For me, the aftermath of all the hard work and late night festivities have resulted in a head cold. I am tired and miserable and that’s just not the way it’s supposed to be on Christmas Day durnit.

Despite the head cold and my related whining, we’ve managed to have a decent day. Vic was so excited to find his presents under the tree this morning, especially his trike and the Radio Flyer push-wagon my parents sent him. He had a blast helping Sabs put it together. He’s so cute when he squats down with his Dad to work on a task, so focused in his concentration, watching to see what Sabs does and then trying to do the same. He’s so small and yet so big all at once. That confluence of characteristics squeezes my heart in funny ways.

He ripped open many packages today, but there are still a number of them, unopened under the tree. When you’re 19 months old, consistent focus just isn’t a method in your repertoire. Wonder, however, is and Vic showed plenty of it today. Unlike last year, when most of the atmosphere of the day went right over his head, this year, he’s old enough to grasp at least a smidgen of the spirit and play a part in making it. It’s a lot of fun to see him so happy and into the holiday, even if he doesn’t understand much of the actual background.

It’s late afternoon now and the sun is dappling the floor, falling in long slender stripes through the blinds. The apartment is mostly clean – just a little untidy around the edges from leftover party fall out. It looks cozy and welcoming, a happy side effect of all the fixing up we did in preparation for welcoming guests. I finally feel as if we really live here, even if I have a number of boxes stuffed into the back of closets waiting to be unpacked.

Sabs is out and about the grounds with Vic trying out the new tricycle. Vic was begging to go out with eager exhortations of “Shuz!” and “Bye-bye” as he stood by the door, a shoe in one hand and shaking his trike with the other. I wish I could be out there with them, taking in some fresh air and watching Victor discover the joys of his first independent set of wheels. For the moment though, I’m going to have to retreat to the couch and plug up my nose with kleenex and slurp more tea. The office lies in wait for tomorrow and I am not looking forward to going head to head with it in this condition.