Today, I am sitting on the floor with a pile of presents, rolls of wrapping paper and spools of ribbon to make gay packages to put under the tree.

Today, I am watching the clouds billow up over the hills from the Bay beyond and listening to the intermittent patter of raindrops.

Today, I will call my mother and wish her a happy, belated birthday for yesterday.

Today, I will be kind to my knees because I really gave them a workout yesterday dancing at the office holiday party.

Today, I will hug my son and pet my cats a lot.

Today, I think I will bake an apple pie and fill the apartment with the smells I associate with Christmas.

Today, I may put up the tree so we can decorate it tomorrow.

Today, I will not think about work and office politics and stupid stress.

Today, I will be good to myself and kind to the people I love in the true spirit of the holiday season.