Listening to Him Breathe

Sleep was in short supply for me last night again. Vic had a temperature off and on all weekend, though Sabs and I were pretty sure it ws just a teething fever. Even when his nose started to run, it was clear and teething can cause sinus issues, so we didn’t think much of it. Yesterday though, his nasal emanations began to change color and it was pretty clear that he had a cold.

Last night, before bed, he was extremely cranky and a bit flushed. It took me a while to get him to sleep and when he finally conked out, around 10:30, his sleep was restless. Shortly after I went to sleep myself about an hour later, I woke up feeling overly warm and realized that the excess heat was coming from Victor. He started coughing short sealbark coughs in his sleep and rolling over to rest his head on my arm after each coughing fit. I closed my eyes between his coughing fits, resting but not sleeping and just listened to him breathe.

Right after a coughing fit there’d be a sort of soft snuffling rattle in his nose and at the back of his throat. It would gradually clear up until his breaths were mostly silent. Then I’d start to drift off a little, until the sounds became more labored again, taking on the characteristics of a recalcitrant radiator. I held him and waited until the coughing started again, keeping his head elevated on my arm since that seemed to help the fits pass more quickly. Then we’d settle back in to rest until the next time. Sometimes he’d nurse in between, taking in great gulps of milk until he ran out of breath and lay there gasping to catch it before snuggling in to sleep again.

He got progressively hotter and hotter until I could feel the warmth in the soles of his feet. That’s when I got up and grabbed the thermometer and the infant Tylenol. Much to my relief, his temperature was lower than I’d thought – only 101.2 instead of the feared 103 or higher. Still, I gave him some Tylenol to bring it down, changed him into a dry diaper and gave him some water. He slept much more comfortably after that until the alarm went off and it was time for me to get up.

He still sounds a bit raspy this morning, but not to the point that had me worried last night. Sabs will be taking him into the doctor as soon as possible today though and daycare is out of the question, leaving us to figure out how to handle his care for the day when Sabs is facing losing points for missing class and I’m fresh out of PTO days after being sick myself.